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The Buzz About Us

We are proud of the great reviews our patients give us. We are delighted to serve as the Astoria Eye Doctor.


Dr. Stadlen is Awesome!

by Suzie66 at Citysearch

I came in here looking to get more contacts. I had no idea that this was supposed to be done every year.

I looked them up on Yelp! and figured that they were in the hood so I’d come by and give them a try. I went in for my exam. Not too bad of a wait, average 15-20 min(I’ve waited longer at other doctor offices). I can’t tell you how impressed I was with the exam and just the overall good bedside manner of the doctor.

Not only was I wearing outdated contacts, butg my eyes were suffering. Thanks to Dr. Stadlen, I now have healthier eyes. The staff is sweet and friendly, too. They give good deals when you buy year supplies but they aren’t pushy at all.

I’ll be back!!!


The right place to go!

by astoriafun at Citysearch

Last week I stopped by American Eye Care and was pleasantly surprised to find such a great and accommodating place in Astoria. I visited all the others in the area and had given up on staying local to take care of my eye care. I have VSP insurance and a friend told me to try them. I am glad she did. They really know there stuff and have a great selection.

I was glad to see that they were very active with people coming and going the whole time I was there. To me, that is a sign of a business that knows how to do things right. I particularly found it interesting how they remembered their previous customers and how sincerely friendly they were with everybody.

This place is a refreshing change. The way service should be. I was helped by 2 young ladies that offered me guidance with my new look and clearly explained the differences between all the new types of lenses and how my insurance planned worked. I have now picked up my glasses and I am thrilled with everything. How well I see, how I look and how much money they saved me. I absolutely recommend this place!



Well worth the trip!. Although we live 80 miles from Astoria, my husband and I have yet to find another eye doctor as competent and trustworthy as Dr. Stadlen and his team. They are through and caring and extremely professional. Doctor Stadlen is very generous with his time and addresses any and all issues with care and concern. In addition, there is also an attractive and varied selection of eyeware both in style and in price. We will continue to visit American Eye Care and Doctor Stadlen and his staff for many years to come!



I was at American Eye Care this past week. After shopping around at the other opticals in Astoria it was obvious to me that they were by far the most professional to work with and had the best selection. Dr Stadlen did a great job with my exam and found that I was over corrected from the doctor I saw at one of the other places. I used my VSP insurance and got great new Prada prescription glasses with transitions. I would absolutely recommend this place. The staff was knowledgeable and friendly.


great selection, very funny doctor , and they promised my job in 2 days and i got it in two days. they didn’t try giving me something I don’t need. Honest and they made me feel comfortable.


They went above and beyond taking care of me for just my eyes. I had to cancel twice on them, they rearranged everything, treated me like I wasn’t an idiot who canceled twice, and were quick and friendly. The selection they carry is great and the prices are about what you would expect. You definitely won’t get friendlier and more knowledgeable service anywhere in Astoria. A great place to have in our neighborhood. Thanks!



Yelp! Reviews

I have been going to his doctors for about 5 years (since I started with this insurance/job) and I have never had a bad thing to say about them. Everyone, and I really mean everyone that works there is nothing but nice and always have a smile on their face to greet you. I haven’t been there in about 2 years, so I just had an appt about a week ago and they found my file right away with no problem. I think I waited about 20 mins (I was 30 mins early) for the doctor, which was great because he saw me right on my appt time. But seriously, for those of you complaining about wait time? This is a doctor’s office, just like any other doctor, waiting is pretty standard. This is just asinine to complain about. But in all honestly, in the past, I have never been kept waiting more than 20 mins which is still pretty good considering other eye docs I have been too.


Dr. Stadlen is really great. He always listens to what I have to say and then helps me solve my problems. His prescriptions are always on the money for me, not an easy thing to do since I have one eye that is nearsighted and one that is farsighted. Since his most recent prescription, I have had less migraines, so that’s a big A+ in my book!.


Also, they have the nicest selection of frames as well as designer frames (always the newest styles) which is a big plus for me cause those are usually the ones I buy. Price ranges are pretty competitive for the area for designer frames. I got one pair of frames through my insurance and I got the another pair out of pocket, so they gave me a great deal. I will keep going here.

Jay there is great and honest about how frames look on your face and will always try hard to make the customer happy. My last three frames, he helped me pick out. My husband also gets his contacts prescription here as well as glasses and he has been nothing but happy with them as well.

If you want great customer service, good quality products and a great doctor, definitely go to this place.


I stopped into American Eye Care to get an eye exam, I didn’t have an appointment so I wasn’t sure if I would be seen. The young lady at the desk told me that would not be a problem because they accepted walk ins. After felling out the necessary paper work I was seen immediately.

When I checked in using Yelp, I seen that I was eligible for a free eye glass cleaning kit which I redeemed with no hassle.

For the first part of my exam I was taken into a room where I had to sit and put my eyes up to a machine where air was blown into my eyes and another machine used to focus. The young lady explained to me what was being done every step of the way and made me feel very comfortable.

I then met with the doctor who sat with me before beginning the eye exam and asked question regarding my medical history. Upon hearing that I was a diabetic for 9 years the doctor explained to me the importance of having my eyes checked regularly and the explained to me how having diabetes can effect my eyes. I was very appreciative that the eye doctor took his time in explaining to me and answering any questions that I had. The eye doctor spoke to me and asked questioned while performing the exam making me feel very comfortable. I told the doctor I was near sighted in my right eye which he confirmed during the eye exam. The eye doctor checked my eye glasses I had received a few years prior to see if my eye had gotten worse which it had and he informed me since I’m an avid reader he would suggest I wear my glasses if I’m going to read for more than 20 minutes at a time. When the exam was over I was told to sit in the waiting area so I could select some frames.

I waited about two minutes before I was called over to another counter to select frames, the young lady that helped me was very nice and helpful. I selected a pair of frames within minutes and I was informed my glasses would be ready for picked up in 24 hours.

The staff was very nice, friendly, helpful, and knowledgable. They made me feel very comfortable.

24 hours later my glasses were ready for pick up as promised.


Despite the fact that I live in Manhattan, I still commute to Astoria to see Jay and Dr. Stadlen.
Here’s why:

  1. The service is impeccable. I remember making the mistake of patronizing another chain optical and being told my glasses would be ready in 2 days. 2 weeks later I received my glasses with an attitude. Simply not the case here. I walk in, Kayla knows my name , they always call or email to notify me when my contacts and glasses are ready, and out I go. No muss, no fuss.
  2. Let’s back track to the initial encounter. Dr. Stadlen is a great guy, and , a very cool eye doctor. He always engages me with meaningful conversation pertaining to the overall health of my eyes and a lot of times we just talk about life. I appreciate it when my doctor cares enough to ask about my life. He has an incredible memory -sometimes we pick up a conversation from where we left off 1 year ago!
  3. My prescriptions have never been incorrect. I’ve never had to come back more than twice(this is usually the case since he sees me for a follow up when I am examined for contact lenses). He’s on the money! Thanks Doc!
  4. Jay is a funny guy. Seriously, I come in on Saturdays and this place is packed with people coming to see Jay and the rest of his stellar staff. Jay is somewhat of a celebrity in the hood-makes me wonder if people are there to hang out or buy glasses-maybe both?! No but really, Jay is an honest guy. I appreciate an honest sales staff that explains everything I am buying, why I am buying it, and offers me additional options to choose from. I never feel pressured. Howard is cool and very honest with his opinions. See him about eyeglass lenses-he knows his stuff.


Overall my experience has always been pleasant . Doctor Stadlen, Jay, Kayla, and the rest of American Eye Care are by far the most efficient and competent staff I have ever encountered. I’ll be back every year for as long as they are in Astoria!

I’ve been going to Dr. Stadlen for the past five years and the service has always been great! I went in for new contacts but upon examining my eyes, he found that I had an eye infection. He took care of that issue and on my follow up visit, he helped me find contacts that were more suitable to my lifestyle.

My new contacts are great and less expensive than my previous ones…who can complain about that ? ๐Ÿ™‚


Great professional place, found out I was wearing the wrong prescription glasses by the doctor..was then helped by a girl named Jessica..good pricing for well as their warranties.

I just wanted to update my previous post. It was time for my yearly checkup and I called and made an appt for both my husband and me. First, appts are really easy to get, they are very accommodating like that. The front desk staff is still super friendly and sweet. They hired some new people and they were nice as well. One of the new girls helped me and my husband pick out frames. The doc was right on point as always and we got three frames for a great price (I need two pairs and my hubby needs one). We also got an amazing deal on some discount sunglasses. Great experience. They are still professional, helpful and overall great. I def recommend them!

I also walked in with a pair of sunglasses that I had bought from them about a year ago and one of the legs had fallen off and they repaired it no questions asked, free and it took a few minutes. Their protection coverage on their frames is unbelievable. I have never had a problem with it.

Also, I want to add they have the latest seasons/style of very high end brands. The frame selection is really huge and they also have lower cost ones. So there is def something for everyone and they will work with you on the price.


I went here from Manhattan because of my military insurance, and I was incredibly pleased. The doctor was very professional and payed attention to my needs. He asked questions about my profession and gave me recommendations based on how I used my eyes. For me, this was going above and beyond. I am confident he gave me a good prescription with better contacts than I was using before. Even though it is a bit further than other providers, I will be back here again in the future.


This is a great office overall.

The doctor is very professional, knowledgeable, comprehensive, friendly. He took the time to study my case, and made sure that my prescription for both eyeglasses and contact lens were accurate. He asked about my day to day activities and/or profession to make a proper recommendation as to whether I should wear contact lenses regular or just occasionally; and assessed if I needed to wear glasses full-time or only when I needed to. Being a post lasik patient, he also assured me that regressions after the operation are normal and recommended that I only wear eyeglasses for activities that far vision. I liked that the eye exam is very thorough and personalized. Also, because I have dry eyes because of the lasik, he has sent me home with three different kinds of contact lenses; he wants to make sure i get to test out the contacts in real life, for at least an entire day before I make a decision which contact lenses to order so that they are the most comfortable for my eyes.

I also ordered eyeglasses and was pleasantly surprised that my glasses were ready after three days! I received a phone call from someone from the office to let me know they were ready. That is pretty fast. The girls up front are friendly and helpful.

Making the first appointment was a breeze, I made one phone call and got an appointment for within the same week. They will set up the follow-up visits after your initial consultation.

One caveat though is that they get pretty busy. I had to wait to be seen but I think it is worth the wait to get the kind of eye care and service that I received.


I came here to update my prescription and get some new glasses. I chose this place mainly because they take VSP insurance, which I have. I’ll break the review down into two parts: The Exam and The Glasses Purchase.

The Exam

The doctor was awesome. Super friendly and definitely knew what he was doing. I give him a 10/10 for sure. No complaints at all about the exam.

The Glasses Purchase

I ended up with a pair I really liked, though just be careful, the ladies behind the counter will show you the most expensive frames unless you ask for a specific price range. I ended up really liking a pair that ended up being pretty expensive. I picked them and they were ready for pickup 10 days later (not the place’s fault. That’s just how VSP insurance works).

Also, if you check in on Yelp, you get free lens cleaner for LIFE. So that’s cool.

I’ll be coming back for my next pair.


I have gone to several eye doctors in Astoria with mom since probably high school, and since I’ve started coming here, maybe almost 15 years by now, I’ve stuck with him even though I live in New Jersey for the last 9 years. As I’ve gone through my engineering course work on college and took an Optics physics course, my questions became plentiful but Dr. Stalden was always able to answer them. It was obvious he know his field as well as Jay, who some of those questions got thrown at too. I don’t think they’ve tallied, but I probably have dragged 3 of my boyfriends to this place too…lol…I kept American Eye Care through subsequent divorces. My husband has now shares in my inheritance. ๐Ÿ™‚

OH! And afterwards, you can treat yourself to some Cafe con Leche across the street with some yummy sweet bread at La Casa Del Pan. My treat to myself for being a good girl after letting the Doctor poke at my eye and not acting up…


For me the experience was just dandy. The staff is nice and helpful. The doctor took his time with me and let me try on a bunch of different contacts until I had ones that felt and fit well. Then I was given a trial sample to see how they work out. I never ever had a doctor waste a bunch of contacts on me. That says something about the doctors’ integrity and genuine care for patients. He also took time to educate me in his field of expertise. I appreciate things like that.


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