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Probably the best optometry experience I've ever had. After not having my vision examined for two and a half years, I finally decided I was overdue for a test and new glasses. My vision had been bothering me as of late and I wanted to prevent it from getting worse. I recently moved to Astoria and called around several opticians before deciding on American Eyecare. They were able to squeeze me in the morning, on a Saturday, on very short notice. Yes, there's a little bit of a wait but well worth it. After a thorough exam, Dr. Stadlen informed me that the prescription on my glasses - the ones I've worn for two years - was wrong: it was too strong. This was the main cause of my fatigue, headaches, and eye strain. He explained to me in the clearest terms available what this meant and how we could rectify the situation. By the end of our appointment he wrote me a prescription that was 1/3 of my old one, and said it was likely he could decrease it over time. Excellent doctor. As for the frames/sales staff in the front, I was impressed by the range of options for frames and the customer service. My appointment was on a Saturday and my glasses were ready for pick-up on Tuesday. I used a Yelp deal to save a few dollars on the visit. Strongly recommend.

- Danny R.
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