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Our Optometrists Also Serve Woodside, NY

From an English and Netherlands farming settlement dating back to the early 18th century, Woodside developed into a residential and commercial neighborhood in the west of the borough of Queens in NYC. With improvements to the public transportation, Woodside attracted many people who were looking for an attractive place with plentiful open spaces as well a good transportation and access to jobs in the city.
If you’ll do a fast forward to the 21st century, you’ll see that the same facts are still true about this part of Queens, Despite of the population growth, Woodside is still characterized by wide avenues, green streets and a mix of private homes, small apartment buildings and very few tall housing projects.

Few Interesting Facts About The Town:

  • The town was established by English and Dutch settlers in the 18th century, but during the 19th century and through most of the 20th century it was called “Irish Town” due to the growing numbers of Irish residents living in the area.
  • These days this is a very multi cultural community. Did you know that the Winfield Reformed Church began in 1880 as a Dutch Calvinist church and in 1969 became the first Taiwanese congregation in America?
  • Did you know that the Islamic Institute of New York is also located in Woodside?
  • This neighborhood of Queens hosts New York City’s Saint Patrick’s Day parade, known as “St. Pat’s For All Parade”.

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