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Rec Specs

Rec Specs by Liberty Sport offers the ultimate protective sports eyewear.  Built to handle the rigors of contact sports and the tough outdoors, Rec Specs are specifically designed to handle impact and keep your eyes safe so you can stay focused on the game. All Rec Specs eyewear meets or exceeds ASTM F803

impact resistance standards for several sports including youth fitting for baseball for children up to 8 years old at speeds of 40 MPH and below. RX prescription lenses are available and engineered to handle any prescription.

Since 1929, Liberty Sport has been committed to providing the ultimate in impact sports protection and innovative sun technology to offer unrivaled protective sports eyewear to sports enthusiasts worldwide. Rec Specs frames also have soft inside padding at the temples and bridge to enhance comfort and fit.

Sight enhancing and stylish designs, Rec Specs offers high performance, comfortable and durable protection
during your game.


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