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Daytona Optos Retinal Imaging Camera

daytona optos

Daytona is a scanning retinal imaging instrument that is able to take ultra-wide images of a patient’s retina. The Optos Daytona uses special technology to capture retinal images as if it were taking them from inside the eye.

Daytona is smaller and still provides ultra-high resolution imaging, and adding ultra-widefield autofluorescence capabilities.

This device can take around a 200-degree image of the retina in one image and can capture the picture in less than one second. Most cameras can only capture the posterior pole (that include the macula and optic nerve head), but the Daytona can view the peripheral retina as well. The Daytona is easy for patients to use. A patient sits in front of the machine and an icon lights up in green when he or she is in the correct position for the camera. The device captures the image automatically and leaves the doctor available to focus on the patient and not on the screen.

The Optos Daytona helps our doctors diagnose eye diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy. Our Astoria optometrists are able to monitor “freckles” in the back of the eye known as a choroidal nevus. The device allows for the discovery of retinal melanomas and peripheral abnormalities such as retinal holes, retinal tears, and retinal detachments. It can also sometimes help us to see vitreal floaters.

Patients find this device very exciting. To be able to easily image a patient’s retina and then be able to review it with them in the exam room is a great educational tool and a valuable way of comparing changes over time. We can help you to know what to expect at your next eye appointment.


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