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Tears and Dry Eye

Dry eyes Astoria NYTear film is a coating of secretions by the glands which surround the eyes whose purpose is to constantly lubricate the eyes. Eye Allergies can flame up when the eyes are dry for too long.

Fundamentals of Tears

1) Tears safeguard and preserve the eye – they keep our eyes wet. Why do we need wet eyes? In the first place, it feels better – particularly if you hope to have the capacity to blink. Second, your corneas are created to work within a wet surface and they’d be painful without it. Actually, if our eyes get excessively dry it will create disintegrations, scratches and even ulcers and scars on our eyes.

2) Tears nourish the eyes, providing numerous proteins and vital nutrients to our eyes.

3) Tears refract light – exactly like our glasses do. They bend the light as it travels to the back of our eye (the retina) keeping all of our site sharp and clear. In the event that we don’t have enough tears, we won’t be able to see nice clear and sharp images, and vice versa.

What you can do to reduce dryness and irritation, and increase tear production, if you have Dry Eye:

  • Drink plenty of water and clear liquids
  • Try to minimize the use of floor and ceiling fans
  • Keep car and home air conditioners and heating vents away from your face
  • Use humidifiers to add moisture to the air
  • Clean your air ducts regularly
  • Replace any standard air filters with a special dust mite barrier filters
  • Add aquariums and plants to your home and office
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