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Is My Eye Twitching Related to Dry Eye?

Your Queens, New York Optometrist Explains

Eye twitching sounds insignificant, yet it is a nuisance that can really drive you crazy! It seems to start out of nowhere and only affect one eye, generally the upper eyelid. Most of the time, eye twitching spasms are short-lived and disappear within a few days or less. They are usually painless and harmless. But when they last longer than a few days, it’s time to schedule an appointment with an eye care professional. Our optometrist in Woodside can determine the cause of your eye twitching and recommend the best treatment options. Learn what you can do to reduce dryness and irritation, and increase tear production, if you have Dry Eye:

Dry Eye is a Common Cause of Eye Twitching

Dry eye results from insufficient moisture on the surface of your eyes. Either your natural tear flow isn’t enough or your tears are evaporating too rapidly due to a poor composition. The symptoms of dry eye include burning, redness, and a scratchy feeling that makes you blink constantly. Dry eye can also lead to involuntary eye twitching. Unfortunately, dry eye and eye twitching can create an endless loop of problems: dry eyes lead to the twitching, and eye twitching exacerbates the symptoms of dry eye.

Eye drops are the first line of defense that our Queens, NY optometrist generally recommends for dry eye treatment to help alleviate eye twitching. Fish oil supplements with omega-3 fatty acids may also enhance eye lubrication and reduce dryness. Other suggested remedies include applying a warm compress to your dry eyes when you feel the start of eye twitching. Once your dry eye syndrome is addressed and you experience relief, your eye twitching will usually subside.

 Digital Eyestrain, Dry Eyes & Eye Twitching man rubbing eyes

To stop your dry eyes from twitching, it can be helpful to trace the source of your problem. One typical cause of dry eyes is staring at computer screens or smartphone displays for hours each day. This habit often makes people blink less, which interferes with the proper dispersing of lubricating tears across your eyes. The irritating symptoms of dry eye then develop. Also, staring at digital devices stresses your eyes, which is another reason for eye twitching. So altogether, if you’re looking for a place to point the blame, excessive use of computers could be the source of both your dry eyes and eye twitching.

When to visit your local Optometrist in Woodside, Queens

If your eye twitching lasts for more than one week, your eyelid droops or closes completely, or you experience swelling, redness or discharge, contact us to schedule an appointment at American Eyecare. We will perform a thorough eye exam to diagnose any underlying conditions and recommend the most effective treatment. If our professional, experienced Woodside optometrist suspects a serious brain or nerve problem is causing your eye twitching, you may be referred to a neurologist or other medical specialist.

While there is no foolproof cure for eye twitching, treating dry eye syndrome and reducing stress in your life are known to help. Limit your intake of alcohol and caffeine, and try going to bed earlier. All of these lifestyle hacks will calm your whole body, including your out-of-control eye muscles.

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