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Do You Have Digital Eye Strain?

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Eyezen and BlueTech Lenses & Digital Eye Strain

Constant and overuse of the computer and smartphones has become a leading cause of digital eye strain, especially within today’s millennials. In an era when everything has become digitalized and working on a computer for eight hours has become the norm, it is difficult to escape the effects of digital eye strain and the harmful effects Blue Light emits onto the eyes. It has ultimately become a growing public health concern.

What Is Blue Light and What Are Its Effects?

Computer screens, smartphones, tablets, and other digital screens/devices produce a Blue Light unseen by the naked eye that is in fact harmful to the health of the eye. Just like we wear sunglasses and sunscreen to protect ourselves from the sun’s rays and the potential they have to be harmful for the skin and eyes, we can wear protective eyewear with lenses including a protective coating against the Blue Light emitted from the digital screens. Without this protective eyewear creating a barrier between the Blue Light and the eye, the effects can be damaging onto the exposed eye especially with long-term use of the computer and smartphones.

Some of the effects include:
-Damage to the retina
-Risk of macular degeneration
-Digital eye strain (tired and/or dry eyes from prolonged digital use)
-Headaches -Inability to sleep well

The Eyezen & BluTech Lenses

Think about it, are you spending 8 hours of more on the computer for work? Are you coming home from work rubbing your eyes filled with fatigue? Are you scrolling through your social media on your smartphone before you go to bed, just after you spent 8 hours at work staring at your computer? Are you tossing and turning for an hour right after you put your phone down next to your bed? This is ultimately inevitable in today's era when everything is digitalized.

So, how do we protect ourselves in an increasingly digitalized society with this growing health concern?  We have introduced the Eyezen and BluTech lenses here at American Eye Care to combat those harmful rays and digital eye strain.  How does it work? The BluTech lenses have a built in protective barrier that give the lenses a yellow tint, filtering out the harmful Blue Light by up to nearly 100%! These can be worn as simple reading glasses when looking at the smartphone or tablet, or even as everyday glasses to be used while at work looking at a computer.

With the newly introduced Eyezen lens, it incorporates a distance prescription, a computer prescription, and a Blue Filter against Blue Light by up to 20%. The built in subtle computer prescription eases the effects of digital eye strain of looking at the screen for long hours. With this lens, you will be able to see far, use the computer, and be protected all in one convenient lens.

Protect Yourself - Ask Our Astoria Eye Doctor About Your Options

Understand your lifestyle. Are you a prolonged user of digital screens? Are you experiencing any of the effects of the Blue Light and digital eye strain? Taking frequent breaks from the digital devices and holding them further away from your eyes can help short term. If you are looking for long term protection, you may want to inquire about the Eyezen and BluTech lenses here at American Eye Care and how they may work best for you to help protect the health of your eyes.


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